Research and DevelopmentWe help with software applications and electronics/firmware design, provide on-demand R&D service to reduce your staffing, management overhead and implementation costs. Over last 10 years we’ve developed complex C++ algorithms for EDA software, networking multi-threaded high-perfromance applications for financial industry, websites, micro controller PCBs and custom circuitry, digital ASIC blocks

Send your short project description to info@novorado.com for a free SOW quote, and also check the blog section for a few sample projects and end-of-life products that went open source.


  • R&D projects
    • Research-intensive CAD, EDA software and algorithms
    • custom software design and integration
    • electronics design, prototyping and production
    • software migration and porting
    • reverse engineering
  • Software and electronics testing
    • Quality Assurance and quality process

Our engineering staff posseses outstanding qualifications in Computer Science, Algorithms development, EDA (custom software development, flow automation, distributed flows), Information Technology (we are experts in Unix system administration, shell scripting and automation), databases.