Novorado specializes in B2B outsourcing of custom software development and high-tech management & consulting services, with 20+ corporate, academic and government customers in Oregon, Texas, California, EMEA states.

We're headquartered in Portland, Oregon.

Past and on-going projects:

Software & Cloud
  • C++ coding (concurrent C++17, std::thread, STL), custom high performance algorithms, servers
  • UI - Node.js, Electron, Chrome NaCL, Qt
  • Building Serverless and Cloud Applications with AWS
  • Software security and crypto audit
  • Devops: Jira, Bugzilla, Jenkins, Docker, Conan, Gitflow
  • Supporting legacy frameworks - OWL, MFC, Win32 API
  • IoT
  • Fleet management, IoT deployments with AWS and Azure IoT Services, custom MQTT servers, secure onboarding
    Hardware design
  • Chip design (TSMC, X-Fab), Microcontrollers, FPGA
  • Methodology & Management
  • HPC computing - distributed RTDA/Altair FlowTracer (SGE,Univa) chip design flows
  • Overseas EDA engineering staffing in EMEA region
  • Pre-M&A technical duediligence, competitive analysis, market research
  • Contact: write to info@ or