Research and DevelopmentWe help with software applications and electronics design, provide on-demand R&D service to reduce your staffing, management overhead and implementation costs. Over last 10 years we’ve developed complex C++ algorithms for EDA software, networking applications for financial industry, websites, micro controller PCBs and custom circuitry, digital ASIC blocks.

Novorado is a small-size company. First set up operations in Moscow in 2003, in a few years, it has grown to 30+ permanent staff, focusing on software and electronics engineering services, with a network of regional partners in Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia, United States, Denmark, France. Our principle place of business is Moscow, Russia, while international clients are situated in California, Russia and European Union

Novorado core skill set is EDA (Electronics Design Automation), algorithms, software and electronics design, integration.


  • Labour intensive multi-year long R&D projects
    • custom software design and integration
    • electronics design, prototyping and production
    • software migration and porting
  • Software and electronics testing
    • Quality Assurance and quality process


  • Office, building and engineering communications design
    • Project management and daily supervision
  • IT networks, office and server room construction
  • VPN, telephony, Domain Controllers, Mail, Web and Intraweb

Day-to-day operations

  • Representing and distribution of high-tech products and services
    • Regional customer support
  • Staffing services
    • monitoring job market, forming job descriptions, advertising,
      setting up interview process, training, coaching